Welcome To Tiny House Vacations!

Tiny House Vacations is the web’s central place to find tiny and small vacation rentals throughout the world.

This website was created to help people quickly and easily locate small and tiny rentals. Some examples of how this might be of service to you are:

  • Vacationers only needing or wanting a small or unique space to stay in
  • People interested in living in a tiny or small space and wanting to “try before they buy” to get a feel for what tiny house living is like
  • Traveling business workers or transients looking for a small space to stay while on the road instead of a hotel

Owners of vacations rentals can list their properties on the site for free! Just click here to get started.

It is my hope that you enjoy this site as it grows and has more rentals listed.

If you have questions, concerns or suggestions, please contact me here.

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